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OUR HOPE is for every Oak Grove child to feel inspired, safe,supported and joyful during their school days. We aim to help our students be their best selves. We work to ensure a school culture of inclusivity and acceptance of all.


As counselors, we try to find whatever is most helpful for every child to be successful.  Kids sometimes just need a quiet place or a chance to talk; sometimes they need to problem solve or learn new skills and strategies.  We visit classrooms, work with students in small groups & meet with kids individually. Some issues we help with include making friends, resolving conflicts, family changes, loss & grief, school stress and managing anxiety. 

Behind each of Oak Grove’s great students are their wonderful families. Morgan and Kathryn are available to help families with concerns about school, parenting and local resources. Please stop by anytime.  We can be reached at 802-254-3740.

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