Chelsea Wiehl


My name is Chelsea Wiehl and this is my tenth year at Oak Grove as the Kindergarten teacher. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Castleton State College.


During my my time at Castleton I had the opportunity to travel far and wide. Before completing my degree I ate gelato in Athens, swam in the Aegean Sea, climbed Mayan Ruins, walked on the Great Wall and collected stones at the base of Mount Everest.


After finishing my work in the tiny town of Castleton, Vermont I moved to Boston only to realize how desperately I missed my hometown of Brattleboro.


I returned to Brattleboro to pursue my Masters in Education in 2009 and have been happily settled here ever since. I live in town with my two wonderful daughters, my helpful husband and our good dog, Lola. 


Oak Grove is so much of what I love about Brattleboro, a kind community, a welcoming staff and amazing families. Please feel free to contact me any time  through the blog, via email or, by phone at 802-254-3740 ext#116

First Grade: Kylie Weld

My name is Kylie Weld and I’m the first grade teacher at Oak Grove School. I started my career teaching prekindergarten in Massachusetts, which is where I grew up!


I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and English at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and spent several years working in childcare programs before I became a teacher.


I now live right here in the neighborhood and serve on the WSESD Diversity and Equity Committee as a teacher leader. My interests include advocating for more equitable schools, spending time outdoors, and creating graphic art.


I believe in movement, expression, collaboration, and discovery inside the classroom. Please feel free to send me an email at or visit our class website:


I’m always happy to answer questions or collaborate on fun projects!