Monday, February 25, 2013

LEAP Writing

During skills block, some 5th and 6th graders have been writing narratives and opinion pieces. As they complete their work, these stories and other pieces will be posted in the LIBRARY section of the blog. Click on that tab and go to LEAP writing. Here is a snippet of our first published piece. You know what to do if you want to read more!

Dance Adventure
By Margaret Holland - GRADE 5


The wind blew smoothly on my face. The sun shone its brightness on me. The whirl of wind was between all our feet. I felt like a star when I did this. When I did this I felt so alive. I was a dancer! It was my life. No one could take it away. But life isn’t fair to all. Including me. It’s how things are. I was going to dance for my life. It was my life! I knew I would dance again! Wouldn’t  I?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls On The Run

The Girls On The Run registration deadline has been extended! You can register your 3rd-5th grade girl from now until Friday the 15th. See Ms. Dowd for extra paperwork, information about scholarships or to ask any other questions.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Update on Front Door

We had a beautiful snowy day at Oak Grove today.  The students are loving the extra snow pile out back, despite the icy conditions.

Many people have asked if there are any updates about the potential safety condition from a few weeks ago.  The truth is, I have no new information to share.  Our front door is remaining locked and attended until I hear that we should do otherwise.  I truly appreciate all of the patience and understanding that our parents and families have exhibited as we adjust to this new system.

Related to this issue, our BTSD School Board is sending out a survey on school safety sometime in the next week, which I hope gets a great response.  It will be important for all of us to weigh-in on what we would like to see happen in our community.  Thank you!  Jen Hemmingson

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boiler Update 4pm

Hello.  Our boiler is up and running again.  The Fire Department and Labor and Industry have been here all day, working to ensure that our building is safe and ready for students.  Our custodians, Jeff Christmas and Greg Frost, are putting in extra hours today and tonight to make sure our building is aired out and clean for classes tomorrow.

I will put out an Alert Now call tonight to let parents know that Oak Grove will be open for school tomorrow.  I am waiting to hear a little bit more about our snow forecast before I put out the call to everyone about the boiler, just in case there is an issue with the weather.

Thank you- Jen Hemmingson

Early Dismissal Today - An Update

Good Afternoon. I am writing to give you an update about our early, unplanned dismissal today.  This morning our boiler caused a blowback of smoke into our building and set off our fire alarms.  The Brattleboro Fire Department came quickly and checked for danger.  They assured us that our building was safe and we started school right on time.  Later this morning when the contractors were working on our boiler the blowback happened again.  Our students evacuated the building while the Fire Department came to check our school again.  They made the determination that the building was safe, but that the odors caused from the boiler and the lack of the heat in the building meant we had to cancel school.  Students went back in to get their things and then we headed to BUHS to start calling home. 

We are having our boiler checked again at 2pm.  Once we know the status of the boiler and heat at Oak Grove, I will let parents know what is happening via the Alert Now phone system. 

Our staff and students are amazing.  I cannot begin to express how impressed I was by their behavior, both during the evacuation and once coming to BUHS.

Thank you -- Jen Hemmingson